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LINEA series grow lights offer prodigious full spectrum light output in a narrow form factor, suitable for both supplemental greenhouse use and sole-source indoor lighting.


Spectrum Options

Choices include Greenhouse (G) spectrum and Indoor (I) spectrum, optimised for either growing environment and suitable for the entire plant lifecycle, allowing the grower to get the most out of their crop.

Greenhouse (G) spectrum offers a high CRI, red enhanced broad spectrum white light output with very high energy efficiency.

Indoor (I) spectrum provides a full spectrum white light enriched in red, near UV and IR bands, optimally balanced for maximum flavour development and production of valuable phyto-compounds in plants grown in indoor environments.


High Power and Efficiency

The unique copper pipe heatsink design provides excellent heat dissipation and keeps weight down. High power and industry leading efficacy allows use of fewer light units to achieve required crop PPFD levels. LINEA lights need approximately only half to a third the energy of HID lighting for the same light output, reducing operational costs and greatly reducing capital investment.

Populating a greenhouse or grow room with LINEA lights allows growers to achieve excellent light uniformity and to attain optimal DLI on their crop year round. This is a key driver for all seasons production and predictable crop yields.


Efficacy: 2.9 μmol/J

PPF: 2506 μmol/s

Power: 864W @ 237V AC

Size: 1254mm x 121mm x 193mm

Dimming: 10-100% output